Different strokes for different folks to make someone fall in love with you

Love is love and it’s been around for thousands of years. Love is all around but it is not in all places. And not everyone feels the same about love, especially not these days. This would normally have been a pity, but then again, life would be so boring if we all felt the same way. You’d never need the extra help you can get to make someone fall in love with you. Now that we’ve established that the prospects of cool and groovy love is still possible, let’s go and see if we can all weave a little magic of our own, with or without the help of our friends.


There are different kinds of love. There’s love just for yourself. You can also learn to grow to love the mind. You probably know this by now, perhaps you’ve even experienced it, and you can certainly love the body. For some curious reason often as a result of misunderstanding what love is all about, a minority of religious nuts have frowned upon this sort of self-love behavior. Didn’t the famous song, in any case, explain why it’s so important to learn to love oneself first?

Anyway, it is a human condition, love is, that is. As the human being grows, he or she starts developing all of these abovementioned symptoms and conditions of love. Awesomely, the human body’s developmental appreciation of love starts as early as conception. Well, yes, of course it does. But it is while the baby is still growing inside of its mother’s womb that it starts learning about love. On a practical level, human love can be split into two. Sex love and friendship love.

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